German showrooms come under scrutiny

Starting today and ongoing over the next six weeks our German partners VZBV and BUND will be visiting kitchen studios and electronic retailers in five länders, starting in Berlin. Furniture showrooms have a weak track history when examined in other projects, but will German showrooms be different? We’ll find out.

Czech shop inspections

Ten shops have been selected, mainly large supermarkets where use of labels is thought to be used to a lesser degree. If substantial lack of information is found, firms will be contacted. We are also collecting catalogues and product ads, where energy class details should be present.

Copenhagen activity

While others are doing Christmas shopping, the Danish Consumer Council and the Danish Ecological Council started market surveillance activities yesterday, as part of the Market Watch project, by checking products in an electronics store in Copenhagen. Several hundred products were checked for non-compliance and, even though the shop had obviously done a lot to label correctly, there was still a lot of products failing to comply with energy label and ecodesign regulations.