MarketWatch takes aim at major consumer and environmental savings currently being lost. EU ecodesign and energy labelling rules require many products to stick to energy consumption limits, as well as other environmental criteria. Market surveillance helps ensure a level playing field for manufacturers and traders, which in turn helps reduce our energy bills. It is estimated that the Ecodesign Directive alone could save Europe €90 billion a year by 2020, that’s around €280 for every household in the EU. The climate is another big winner when the rules are being followed, with this campaign standing to prevent two million tonnes of CO2 from adding to global warming each year. However, we suspect the rules aren’t always being followed.

Formal market surveillance activities vary in vigilance from country to country. It is estimated that up to a fifth of savings are lost because as under-performing and inaccurate products get onto the market and into our homes. This leads to a lot of wasted energy, about 100TWh each year in fact, equal to the entire residential electricity consumption of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as higher energy bills for all of us. MarketWatch complements the work being done by national authorities. We have shared our findings and built bridges to help regulators pinpoint problem areas.