EU energy saving laws mean consumers should be getting more energy efficient televisions, fridges, microwaves and other everyday products. Unfortunately, manufacturers of 1 in 5 products we tested aren’t following the rules and retailers are failing to label products correctly on around half of all products we checked. MarketWatch is a Europe-wide campaign to identify the products and companies flouting the rules, and thereby pushing up home energy bills and adding to global warming.

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By launching a thorough and sustained campaign testing everyday products in shops and online, MarketWatch has turned a spotlight on those manufacturers and retailers failing to follow EU regulations and depriving their customers of energy savings. We have carried out 737 store inspections, in the highstreet and online, in three phases, checking 103,000 products to see if they are correctly labelled. We also carried out 100 simplified and 27 full lab tests of products, with results applicable in 10 Eu countries. Individual results can be found in our Product & Shops Report section, and you can read our final retail report here, and our final product test report here. National results are also published for France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Czech Republic and UK, Poland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. We always welcome involvement of like-minded organisations.

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