Blaupunkt LS 162e BK Soundbar

LS 162e BK Soundbar

After check testing suggested the Blaupunkt LS162e soundbar may exceed the legal standby power limit of 0.5W (which covers products with no electronic display). MarketWatch carried out tests on three further samples.  The original check test was deemed by the laboratory to have the necessary stability and accuracy of measurement of a full test.


Full test measurements were as follows (click for larger image):

blaupunkt ls 162e bk

Results from these tests, while consistent, and above the 0.5W threshold, did not exceed the allowed tolerance limit of 0.5W + 0.1W specified in Regulation 1275/2008.  Therefore this product was deemed to comply with the regulation.

Manufacturer response

Results were reported to the manufacturer but no remedy action was required in this case.

Test Report 1

Test Report 2

Test Report 3

Rating System


test date: November 2015 - January 2016

test lab: SLG

Energy Label Class

Standby Power (W)





Download Full Report (PDF) Download Full Report (PDF) Download Full Report (PDF)

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