Hotpoint V4D01P(UK)


The Hotpoint V4D01P(UK) Tumble Drier showed problematic results in earlier check testing, as the program time was measured as longer than declared.  This was measured at 107 minutes compared to the declaration of 94 minutes, potentially increasing energy consumption in real-life use.

On this basis, the product was escalated to a full test of the original sample, followed by a further three samples.


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In full testing however, a different issue was seen.  A light on the product display, that could not be switched off prevented the product from fully powering down.

Hotpoint’s declaration in technical documentation states that the product enters an ‘off-mode’, consuming 0.00W.  However in all samples, the machine did not power down to this mode and remained in a standby mode consuming an average of 0.36W.  This is still within the limit of 0.5W stated in regulation 1275/2008, but the project team did communicate this observation to Hotpoint.

While it was measured again slightly higher, (but within tolerance limits) the issue with the program time was not observed in the subsequent tests.  No issues with the product’s energy label declaration were observed.

Manufacturer response

Hotpoint did respond to MarketWatch’s communications on the matter, and confirmed they would investigate the matter and the declaration. However no further response or confirmation of this taking place has been received to date by the project team.

Extra Energy Usage

From the higher off-mode power measured for this product, extra energy and cost that would be incurred are estimated as follows:

Hotpoint tumble dryer

Test Report

Energy Label

Product Fiche

Rating System


test date : September - November 2015

test lab: SLG

Energy Label Class





Off-Mode Power Consumption (W)





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