Lightme LED LM85236-3

LM85236-3 LED bulb

MarketWatch carried out compliance testing on 20 samples of the Lightme LED LM85236-3 bulb.  This followed analysis of the check testing results, where average lumen output values were measured over 10% lower than the claim; although it should be noted that the check test uses a smaller sample size of 5 bulbs.  The project team also included a test of the number of switching cycles as part of the further testing.


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Lightme LED


In full tests, the LM85236-3 again measured lower than declared, but across 20 samples, the average lumen output was within 10%, so this product was found to comply with the regulation.  The bulb met its energy rating claim and the switching cycle test results also met requirements, as only one sample in the batch failed.  MarketWatch communicated this result to Lightme LED.

Whilst measurements were within limits, the average lumen output was nevertheless lower than claimed and no bulb in the sample of 20 reached the declaration of 1055 lm.  As a recommendation, the project team suggested amending the packaging claim on lumen output to one closer to the average value measured.

Test Report

Energy Label

Rating System


test date: January - March 2016

test lab: Laborelec

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Lumen Output (lm)





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