OBH Nordica Antares 7519 Microwave

Antares 7519

Check testing of the OBH Nordica Antares 7519 Microwave measured standby power consumption at 1.45W, exceeding the limit of 1.00W for products with an electronic display.


The project team carried out a full test on the microwave against EN 50564:2011.  This again measured comfortably higher than the limit, at 1.38W (click table for larger image)

OBH Nordica Antares 7519

By the time the full test had been conducted, this model appeared to be discontinued.  Subsequently, MarketWatch carried out further testing on a sample of a model from OBH Nordica’s current range.

Manufacturer response

The project team has informed OBH Nordica of the result and are awaiting response.

Extra energy usage

From the higher standby power measured for this product, extra energy and cost that would be incurred are estimated as follows:

OBH Nordica Antares 7519

Test Report

Rating System


test date: December 2015

test lab: SLG

Energy Label Class

Standby Power (W)





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