Reflexion LDD-197


The Reflexion LDD-197 showed suspected non-conformity in MarketWatch’s check testing of televisions, with results appearing to show a higher on-mode power consumption and a lower energy rating.  Based on these results the project team proceeded with full testing on this model.


Results seen from the first compliance test were as follows (click for larger display):


The full test appeared to confirm the check test finding.  Therefore, tests on a further three samples were conducted.  Samples were bought from the general market in Germany.


Results from this re-test showed an A+ rating and a lower on-mode power consumption.  The project team contacted Ultramedia, the brand owner.

Manufacturer reponse

Ultramedia reported that the sample used for the first test, which did not meet its energy label claim was in fact the most recent version of the TV.  As a remedy action, Ultramedia reported making an update available through their website to enable the TV to achieve the energy rating stated on the label.

MarketWatch requested that details of the lower energy rating were publicly to retailers and consumers, but Ultramedia did not agree to this action.

Extra Energy Usage

From the higher on-mode power measured for this product, extra energy and cost that would be incurred are estimated as follows:

Reflexion TV

Test Report

Energy Label

Rating System


test date: September - October 2015

test lab: VDE

Energy Label Class





On-mode Power Consumption (W)





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