Roberts Radio Stream 107

Stream 107

Check testing of the Roberts Stream 107 digital radio measured standby power consumption higher than the limit of 1.00W specified in regulation 1275/2008.

A full compliance test against EN 50564:2011 was carried out on the check test sample; results of this were similar to those seen in the check test. Therefore, three further samples were bought from the general market and tested.


Full testing confirmed the previous results, with measurements as follows (click for larger image):

Roberts radio

Manufacturer response

Roberts Radio responded to the project’s communications and accepted the test result.  As a remedy action, Roberts confirmed that they would provide a remote update via the DAB signal to reduce the power consumption in standby mode in line with the regulation.

Extra Energy Usage

From the higher standby-mode power measured for this product, extra energy and cost that would be incurred are estimated as follows:

Roberts radio


Test Report 1

Test Report 2

Test Report 3

Rating System


test date: January 2016

test lab: SLG

Energy Label Class

Standby Power Consumption (W)





Download Full Report (PDF) Download Full Report (PDF) Download Full Report (PDF)

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