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Following check testing, MarketWatch carried out further testing of the SONOS Playbar, a networked soundbar for multi-room audio.  Power limits for networked products are defined in regulation 1275/2008, specifically the network standby amendment, 801/2013.

From January 2015, networked products are required to power down to a standby mode when they are not performing their main function.  As they are still network connected, the regulation allows for higher power consumption than non-networked equipment.  Allowances specified differ, depending on whether the product is intended for High-network Availability (HiNA) or not.  Limits are 12.0W for HiNA equipment and 6.0W otherwise.

Check testing of this product had measured levels above 6.0W in networked-mode.  The project team carried out a further test, using a different laboratory to compare results and assess whether there was agreement in terms of the standby mode selection for measurement.


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Upon further testing, measurements of the Playbar in networked standby were below 6.0W and although not specifically stated in the manual, it appears the product actually applies the HiNA limit of 12.0W as it acts in a similar way to a wireless access point.   From the full test, this product cannot be considered non-compliant against technical aspects of the network standby regulation.

Some minor documentation issues were reported by the laboratory.

Test Report

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Country: /

Test date: February - March 2016

Test lab: Intertek

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