Ted Baker Finisterre Digital Radio

Finisterre Digital Radio

Check testing of the Ted Baker Finisterre radio showed that standby power may exceed the limit of 1.0W specified in regulation 1275/2008.  MarketWatch therefore contracted SLG to carry out a further full compliance test on the product.


ted baker radio

Results from testing with the factory settings applied, and the mode deemed by the laboratory to be the correct one for measurement gave a standby power consumption of 1.40W.

Manufacturer response

Ted Baker Audio responded to the project’s communications and provided details of their internal technical testing, which was carried out by an independent third party laboratory.  From this report it was apparent that the two labs had selected a slightly different mode for the measurement of standby; MarketWatch’s lab with the backlight on a ‘high’ setting and Ted Baker Audio’s with the backlight on ‘low’, which consumed less than 1.0W.

It is a common occurrence that two laboratories have a different interpretation of standby modes, and it should be noted that Ted Baker Audio had consulted the independent accredited laboratory on the choice of mode for their internal testing.

MarketWatch consider the measurement made by SLG to be in the correct standby condition.  Final agreement on the choice of mode, and of any remedy action to take place, remains in progress.

Extra Energy Usage

From the higher standby-mode power measured for this product, extra energy and cost that would be incurred are estimated as follows:

Ted Baker finisterre

Test Report

Rating System


test date: December 2015

test lab: SLG

Energy Label Class

Standby Power (W)





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