Zehnder DX 860E

DX 860E set-top box

MarketWatch’s check testing of simple set-top boxes found a suspected non-compliance with the Zehnder DX 860E. Requirements in the set-top box Ecodesign Regulation EC 107/2009 states that all set-top boxes must feature an automatic power down feature, enabled by default, which activates no later than 3 hours after the last user interaction.

Earlier check testing revealed that the Zehnder DX 860E did not have this enabled by default, and when the user selected this mode to operate, it activated 18 minutes after the maximum 3-hour window.



Findings were confirmed by testing a further three models which all were found to have the same non-compliance.  The project team attempted to contact Zehnder, however it transpired the company had since gone out of business and the new owner of the brand was not backing warranties on this product.

Therefore, on this occasion, obtaining a commitment from the manufacturer for corrective action was not possible, but the results do highlight issues with compliance that are present and ultimately not addressed, to the detriment of the consumer.

Test Report

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test date: August - September 2015

test lab: SLG

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